Proptosis (Bulging Of The Eye Or Eyes)

Proptosis is basically displacement of one or both eye balls forwards and or side ways. Proptosis may be due to increase in the volume of the orbital contents or compression of the orbit from outside. An increase in the volume of the orbital contents occur in Dysthyroid orbitopathy, inflammatory lesions of the orbit and tumors of the orbit. The orbit is surrounded by the paranasal sinuses and any expansible lesion of the sinuses will result in proptosis. The commonest sinus causes for proptosis are mucoceles, fungal sinusitis, fibrous dysplasias, cysts and tumours. Today all sinus lesions can be tackled by Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. The orbit is deliberately entered through nose, through its medial wall and orbital lesions are removed through the nose.

At Sinus and Nose, a technique of retracting the medial rectus is devised to get better exposure of the intraconal structures and orbital apex. The removal of disease from these areas becomes more precise and complete .

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