• He received the Dr.P.V.Cherian endowment prize for being the best out going student in M.S.(ENT) for the year 1983-84.
  • He received Dr.K.K. Ramalingam’s gold medal for the best paper by a post graduate student in South zone conference in the year 1983.
  • His video on “ Endoscopic Tear sign & Dacryocystorhinostomy” won a bronze medal in the World congress of Otorhinolaryngology in Sydney, Australia in the year 1997.
  • He won a gold medal for a video on “Endoscopic Reconstruction of CSF fistulae” in the IX World Congress of International Rhinologic societies held in Washington DC, USA, in September 2000.
  • ENT hospital of excellence award to Sinus and Nose Hospital, for the year 2006 by AOI, Tamil Nadu branch


  • The first ever Endoscopic Sinus surgery in Chennai was done by him at Chennai Kaliappa Hospital in the year 1990.
  • The first ever Endoscopic Optic Nerve decompression and Orbital Decompression in India was done by him in 1992.
  • The first ever Endoscopic plugging of CSF rhinorrhoea, in South India was done by him in 1994.
  • The first ever Endoscopic Hypophysectomy (Removal of Pituitary tumour) in Chennai was done by him in 1995.
  • He has the largest number of Endoscopic DCRs in the country to his credit.

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