Discharge Of Pus From The Ear

There are two main reasons for discharge of pus from the ear.

  • First is Eustachian tube dysfunction secondary to a nasal or sinus cause resulting in middle ear pressure problems leading to otitis media and perforation – the so called tubotympanic disease. Sinuses need evaluation in this type of ear discharge.
  • Second is Cholesteatoma, producing ear discharge. Cholesteatoma is basically skin in the wrong place. The discharge is scanty and foul smelling. Once a Cholesteatoma is detected it should be removed, because it has the potential to produce intracranial complications.

Discharge from the ear is almost always associated with perforation of the ear drum and hard of hearing. Sinus and Nose is well known for the Endoscopic Sinus Surgery- but what is not well known is that we also do very good ear surgery.

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