Mucocele of the sinuses are produced due to collection of mucous inside a sinus cavity due to blockage of its ostium or one part of the sinus getting separated and forming a closed cavity.

Mucoceles are basically a harmless disease process, but they have a tremendous ability to expand the affected sinus. The symptoms are mostly due to pressure effects of the expanded sinus on the neighbouring structures.

An expanded frontal & ethmoid mucocele may produce proptosis (bulging of the eyes) and disfigurement of the face. Mucoceles of the posterior ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses can produce blindness due to pressure effect on the optic nerves. Endoscopic marsupialisation is the treatment of choice to cure this condition External Surgery has no role in this condition and external operations are associated with high recurrence rate. External operations should be avoided for mucoceles.

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