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Sinus and Nose has a state -of- the art operation theater which has the following facilities:

Central supply of Oxygen, Nitrous oxide and suction.
Philips overhead operating light.
Karl storz endoscopes, Light sources, Shaver system and skull base drill
ILO electronics endo camera and sophisticated recording system for documentation.
Carbon dioxide Laser.

Xomed debrider system and skeeter stapes drill

Airtek Boyle’s machine with Philips multiparameter monitor and Electro care anesthesia ventilator.
Operating microscopes
Conventional Autoclave machine, ETO gas sterilization.

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All rooms have the following facilities:

Standard bed with mattress and attached toilet.
Each bed has oxygen and suction outlet from the central supply.
Round the clock nursing.

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We also have an in-house Pharmacy :

We have the following Out Patient facilities:

Air-conditioned waiting room.
Spacious, air-conditioned consulting rooms.
State of the art Atmos ENT treatment unit.
Video endoscopy facilities for nose, throat and ear.

Puretone Audiometry

Xomed debrider system and skeeter stapes drill

Impedance Audiometry

Caloric test facility.
Endoscopic sleep study.

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